Eat Real. Eat Fast. Eat This.

This past weekend was the Real Eat Festival in Oakland‘s Jack London Square. You’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘another food festival?’ Why, yes foodie friends, who doesn’t love eating good, fast, cheap food under blue skies and a bright shining sun. Given my limited budget and fluctuating waistline (I’m the maid of honor for my best friend’s wedding next weekend), I only made it out to the Saturday festivities. This time I got to be an attendee rather than a worker bee. Working food festivals is hard work, but a rush of fun! I got to see some familiar faces from La Cocina and Off the Grid, all hustling their products to the masses with their beauty and grace!

There were a ton of vendors bustling out a variety of hot, cold, packaged, and speciality foods. Lots of good beer, mixed drinks, and agua frescas by the lovely Hella Vegan Eats ladies (a La Cocina incubator program member).

Pineapple infused with mint agua fresca
Hella Vegan Eats slanging their juice!

Aside from the amazing variety of food available, there were food and cooking demonstrations, life-style booths spreading the word on urban gardening and farming, and live music.

The first dish of the day was from Chac Mool (another La Cocina incubator program member). Two tacos of carnitas (stewed pork) and nopales (sauteed cactus) on two freshly made corn tortillas. Yummy!!!

Carnitas and Nopales Tacos

Next was on to Chop Bar and their whole roasted pig! I love me some pork, especially when it’s a whole roasted hog. Crunchy, succulent, and salty pig skin encasing a tender, juicy meat..mmm mmm oink oink… It was finger licking good!

Pork and Corn Bread
This little piggy went into my mouth!

Did someone say corn dog??? That’s right folks, next was Tante’s hand-dipped corn dog that was oh so delicious!

It was THAT good!
Delicious Corn Dog!

Finally, a little something sweet. A freshly made cookies n’ cream ice cream sandwich from Sift’s Cupcake and Dessert Bar.

Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream Sandwich!
Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich!?

I even grabbed some Cheddar Apple Pie biscotti from Saint & Olive (a new comer to La Cocina as well!). I saved those special treats for my Sunday morning coffee.

The Biscotti Queen!
A Special Treat!
A beautiful handwritten note from Miss Olive!
Sweet, Salty, Spicy, and So GOOD!

All in all it was a fabulous day and I left with a full belly and a happy heart!

Eat Real. Eat Fast. Eat This.

For the love of food

I like to call the month of August the month of LOVE. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is THE foodie month in the Bay Area! All things that I love come together during this month and make me one happy mama.

To get the festival weekend started I had a little party at my house with yummy food and lovely friends! The menu consisted of Rosemary, Lemon, Garlic Oven Roasted Chicken, a Vegetable Tian, and a Chocolate Decadence Cake! Oh what a birthday it was! Did I mention the delicious wine too.

Rosemary, Lemon, and Garlic Roasted Chicken

Vegetable Tian
My Birthday Cake! A Chocolate Truffle Cake covered with a luxurious Whipped Cream

Then there was the Outside Lands Music Festival, which landed on my birthday weekend! Azalina had a brilliant idea of fusing together Mexican and Malaysian flavors into a nacho dish. Festival goers had the choice between chicken curry nachos or a peanut tofu nacho. They were a hit! Azalina really knows how to combine the flavors of California with her traditional Malaysian flare!

My Boss. I like to call her the Malaysian Ninja!

La Cocina was a mad house everyday leading up to the SF Street Food Festival. All 32 businesses were pumping out their amazing tasty treats for the one day street food extravaganza. Every kind of food you could think of was being made and prepared by loving hands, all combining the new with the traditional. There were brains, shrimp heads, thousands of pounds of meat, the freshest fruits and veggies from local farmers, hogs, and a whole lot of sweat and tears.

My Boss Azalina making 1,600 Vegan Peanut Tofu Tacos for the SF Street Food Festival!
Our stall at La Cocina’s 4th Annual Street Food Festival! It was a blast, but a blur!
The Vegan Tacos and Chicken Nachos were a flavor explosion in your mouth! Mexican food goes with everything!

For the love of food